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Trophy winning solo jet display of Ukrainian SU-27 Flanker at Royal International Air Tattoo 2019 Airshow

Posted 7/24/2019

"The Paul Bowen Trophy for the best solo jet display - named in honour of the late Paul Bowen, co-founder of the Air Tattoo - went to Lt Col Yurii Bulavka, pilot of the Sukhoi Su-27P1M from the 831st Guards Tactical Aviation Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force. "I will say only one thing", commented Bulavka. "Thank you for your attention, wonderful Air Tattoo. See you next time!" (Airtattoo.com)

Youtube VIDEO


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Gravitational trajectory adopted by Apollo-11 program to reach the Moon is named after a self-educated Ukrainian who made calculations 50 years before the lunar flight

Posted 7/19/2019

"Yuri Kondratyuk was a self-educated mechanic who, 50 years before lunar flights, foresaw ways of reaching the moon, calculating the best means of achieving a lunar landing. His theory of the gravitational slingshot trajectory to accelerate a spacecraft, known today as the "Kondratyuk Route" (Doodle)

















"When American astronaut Neil Armstrong visited the Soviet Union after his historic flight to the Moon, he collected a handful of soil from outside Kondratyuk's house in Novosibirsk to acknowledge his contribution to spaceflight, reportedly urging Soviet authorities to start commemorating Kondratyuk" (Wiki)

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Moscow myth about "great Kursk tank battle" exposed

Posted 7/12/2019

"The battle of Prokhorovka was steeped in Soviet legend (and myth) for many decades. This remained the case until post-Soviet era research revealed the reality of a Soviet armoured disaster. Building on this knowledge this article explores Luftwaffe reconnaissance photographs taken in the days and weeks immediately following the battle of Prokhorovka. The photographs provide visual confirmation across the battlefield of the demise of the 5th Guards Tank Army’s 18th and 29th Tank Corps’. The battle’s most famous locations are visualized (many for the first time) in wartime photographs; these include the notorious anti-tank ditch, Hill 252.2, Oktiabrskiy state farm, Storozhevoye Woods and the site of Tiger tank duels on and close to Hill 241.6..

..The battlefield remained largely unaltered from 12 July. As a result, these photographs depict the Soviet armoured disaster (the entire 5th Guards Tank Army lost around 235 fighting vehicles written off) with absolute clarity.

..German tank losses were minuscule by comparison, with just five battle tanks ultimately being written of."

(Journal of Intelligence History)


And the second level lie Moscow created was hiding a truly Largest Tank Battle of all times which took place in Ukraine.

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Taiho, arguably the greatest Sumo wresler of all time, was of Ukrainian descent and was called Ivan Boryshko at birth

Posted 7/10/2019

"He was born Ivan Boryshko on Karafuto, the Japanese half of the island now controlled by Russia and called Sakhalin. His father, Markiyan Boryshko, was Ukrainian, a member of the White Guard who had fled the Red Army after the Russian revolution; his mother, Kiyo Naya, was Japanese. When the Soviets occupied the whole of the island at the end of the second world war, Markiyan was arrested, and Ivan and his mother sent to Hokkaido, Japan, where he took the Japanese name Koki Naya." (TheGuardian)

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First Ukrainian in Wimbledon semi-final

Posted 7/9/2019

"Seventh seed Simona Halep is through to the semi-finals at Wimbledon for the first time since 2014 after a 7-6 (7-4) 6-1 victory over China's Zhang Shuai.

Halep, 27, the highest seed left in the womens' singles, had to fight back from 4-1 down to take a thrilling first set.

The Romanian former world number one then raced away with the second to triumph in 86 minutes.

Halep will play eighth-seeded Ukrainian Elina Svitolina, a 7-5 6-4 winner over Karolina Muchova, in the last four." (BBC.com)


Three years ago, it was Svitolina who knocked out Serena Williams out of Olympics (NY Times)

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The world's first railway electrification system and electric tram were invented by Ukrainian Fyodor Pirotsky

Posted 7/8/2019

"..engineer of Ukrainian origin and inventor of the world's first railways electrification system and electric tram. While the commercialization of his inventions in Russia was relatively slow, Pirotsky is known to have met with Carl Heinrich von Siemens and influenced Siemens' eventual introduction of the first regular electric tram line for the Berlin StausBenbahn." (Wiki)

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Five Myths About Chernobyl, - Washington Post

Posted 7/8/2019

"More than three decades ago, a reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukrainian republic of the Soviet Union exploded. A fierce fire burned for the following two weeks, sending columns of radioactive gases and particles across the European landscape and beyond. The accident is an enduring subject of fascination — HBO recently adapted the event into a hit miniseries, and the site is a popular tourist destination — leading to conjecture and misconception." (Article)

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Save thousands of lives: a young immigrant from Ukraine creates a unique DNA robot in the USA

Posted 7/3/2019

"The girl created an artificial macromolecule robot that can deliver drugs to the brain cells of patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s. Sofia's invention won the prestigious scientific competition Google Science Fair at the regional level." (Article)

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The 50 Sexiest Nationalities In The World

Posted 6/29/2019

‘Sexy’, according to the fail-safe Merriam-Webster dictionary, is classified as “generally attractive or interesting”. While beauty may be only skin deep, it’s probably little consolation to the unlucky countries that have been voted as the least sexy in the world. Sorry, Ireland. "

1.5 million voted and BIG 7 Travel has the answer.


Note. In our opinion, Mila Kunis is not a good presentation of Ukraine - although born in Ukraine, she is of the Jewish origin.

Almost perfect presentaion of Ukraine, its beauty, will and strength would be Katheryn Winnick, the Lagertha from the famous The Vikings TV Series.

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Oleksandr Usyk named as WBO mandatory challenger for Joshua v Ruiz winner

Posted 6/25/2019

"Usyk was the first boxer to hold all four world titles at cruiserweight when he won the World Boxing Super Series tournament.

The 2012 Olympic champion's final bout in the lighter division came in November when he knocked out Briton Tony Bellew - a seventh successive world title victory." (BBC)

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Kyiv (Key-Eve)

Capital of Ukraine, one of the ancient and most beatilul cities in Europe. Take a craneflight over this amazing city!
If you land in Kiev, there are places you will want to visit:

Lviv (Leo-Viv)

City of Leo or Lion. Situated on the border between Ukraine and Poland, it represents the synergy of two cultures. 

Odessa (Oh-Dessa)

Colorful port city on the Black Sea famous all over the world.