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Yin-Yang symbol originated in the area of present-day Ukraine

The earliest known depiction of Yin-Yang symbol belongs to the Trypillia culture and dates to 5200 B.C. The oldest preserved drawing...

Ukrainian Igor Klymenko wins Global Student Prize

"Igor Klymenko, a student from Ukraine, passionate about raising awareness of and solving the global landmine problem, he developed the ‘Quadcopter...

History is the reason of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Historical justice should be outcome

This article had been written before Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022 - "Ukraine's Total Recall"....

Sharon Stone signals her support for Ukraine at Cannes, – Vogue

She also used an appearance at a cocktail reception at the start of the week to signal her support for Ukraine...

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces Dog

(Probably not, but looking cool and threatening)

Richard Gere auctions  his 30k-Mile 1999 Jaguar XK8 Convertible to support Ukraine

"The full sale amount, including the BaT buyer’s fee, will be split evenly between the World Central Kitchen and Open Arms Ukraine, both of...

Exclusive coins dedicated to Ukraine to appear in the USA

Investment coins with Ukrainian symbols have been issued in the United States. “American silver investment coins with denominations of 1 US...

Ukrainian postage stamp to feature mine clearance dog Patron

"Patron" translated into English as Cartridge. The dog is helping to clear the Kyiv region from different kinds of exposived and...

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