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Instagram star Ukrainian Cat Stepan raised $ 10 000 for other pets in Ukraine’s...

Here is Stepan's Instagram handle for those who want to follow him and donate to the cause right meow!

Young Boxer Usyk with His Coach and Vladimir Klitschko

Do you recognize the future Super Heavyweight World Champ?

John Steinbeck describes post-WW2 Ukraine. (1946 Kyiv trip)

Excerpts are from “A Russian Journal” written by John Steinbeck after his trip with a famous war photographer Robert Capa to...

Ukrainian postage stamp to feature mine clearance dog Patron

"Patron" translated into English as Cartridge. The dog is helping to clear the Kyiv region from different kinds of exposived and...

Ukrainian Novikov, 24, World’s Strongest, Sets New World Record in Deadlift

November 17, 2020 during the World's Strongest Man Finals, Oleksii Novikov set a New World Record - 537.5kg (1185lb) 18-Inch...

Moscow’s theft of Kyiv’s legacy is the major reason for the current war. Ukraine’s...

Russia is an imposter. It lives on history stolen from Ukraine

Why Crane. About this Website

Thank you for visiting my website. This site was created with the purpose to help you discover beautiful country of Ukraine. Why Crane...

Ukrainian Igor Klymenko wins Global Student Prize

"Igor Klymenko, a student from Ukraine, passionate about raising awareness of and solving the global landmine problem, he developed the ‘Quadcopter...

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