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Why Crane anyway?

Not just because you can hear the name of this bird in the name of the country.

Yes, in many countries and cultures the Crane bird is a symbol of Sadness. And in its long history Ukraine did suffer a lot.

Especially in the past 200 years. Especially from Moscow:

The Holodomor that took millions of innocent lives, the forceful movement of millions of Ukrainians to Sibiria, the Moscow thoughtless and careless experiments with nuclear reactor that led to Chornobyl disaster. Current mean war Russia wages against Ukraine that started with the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Well, those were more than just sad events – they were tragedies. But no!

Ukraine should be associated with the Crane because, it is a beautiful nature-loving bird which can soar in the sky.

Also, in ancient times, even before the Trojan War, the territory of present-day Ukraine was associated with cranes. It was from Scythia that the cranes flew to Africa where they fought with the Pygmies. This legend is mentioned in the famous Iliad by Homer. So, it is possible after all that there is the word “Crane” in “Ukraine” after all.

Here is a fitting song about the cranes by the famous Ukrainian band The Hardkiss:

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