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‘Between Hitler and Stalin: Ukraine in World War II’ documentary. Narrated by Oscar-winning Ukrainian-American actor Jack Palance


“The film “Between Hitler and Stalin” chronicles the struggle between the Nazi and Soviet regimes, from a Ukrainian perspective. The documentary recounts the events in Ukraine on the brink of the Second World War, during the Soviet occupation of Western Ukraine (1939–1941), the German-Soviet War, the Nazi occupation of Ukraine and the second Soviet occupation of Western Ukraine (1944). The impact of these events, which claimed 8 to 10 million Ukrainian lives, is depicted through segments on the “scorched-earth” policies of both powers; the tragedy of the Jews; and the 2.3 million Ukrainians taken as slave labourers (Ostarbeiters). The Ukrainians’ struggle against the Nazi occupiers and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army’s fight—against both totalitarian powers—for Ukraine’s independence is portrayed. The film also deals with the forcible repatriation of Ukrainians to the Soviet Union, Displaced Persons (D.P.) camps and emigration. “Between Hitler and Stalin” features eyewitness accounts, documentary material, rare film footage, photos and documents obtained from myriad sources.” (Ukrainian-Canadian Research & Documentation Center). The film is narrated by Oscar-winning Ukrainian-American actor Jack Palance >



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