Kyiv among 10 of the world’s best city views, – Guardian

Pastel-hued St Andrew’s Church, at the top of a steep hill in the historic Podil district of Kyiv, has wonderful baroque architecture....

Scythian ceremonial gilded silver cup from Gaimanova Mogila Royal Kurgan in Ukraine

"The most outstanding work of Scytho-Classical art found in the Gaimanova Mogila kurgan is a small spherical gilded silver cup, with...

Kyiv is the greenest capital city of Europe

"Using a method that processes satellite imagery and detects pixel types, Gärtner has generated the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)...

Camille Ewald, Mike Tyson’s Ukrainian adoptive mother

Camille Ewald was born March 10, 1905, in Staromishchana, Ukraine, and was the daughter of the late Hnat and Anastasia Pershyn...

Ukraine, the homeland of Scythians [Video]

0 The "Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv Rus" book has very important additional information on the topic.

Most famous Scythian silver vase/amphora from Chertomlyk Kurgan

The amphora was found in an impressive kurgan in the vicinity of Nikopol city in Ukraine. It dates to the 4th...

George Kistiakowsky: Ukrainian who made Manhatten Project work and first Atomic bomb explode

The US Government called on Dr. Kistiakowsky to help solve the problem with the new weapon the physicists at Los Alamos...

Ukraine in Space

Sergei Korolev -  the leading Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer was born in Zhytomir, Ukraine. It is due to his genius,...

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