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In 12th century the land is first mentioned as Ukraine. Russia does not exist

Posted 8/18/2019

For the first time Ukraine was mentioned in the Hypatian Chronicle.

Not Little Rus’ or something else, but Ukraine. 

Nobody heard about Moscow and Russia at that time. Learn more impressive historical facts. (Empr.Media)

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Most titled football player of the former USSR returns as Dynamo Kyiv head coach

Posted 8/17/2019

"Mikhailichenko began his football career in the youth system of Dynamo Kyiv and made his debut in the Soviet Top League in 1981 being only 18 years old.

He had a great career with Dynamo winning four championships and three runner-up medals. He also won the Soviet Cup three times. His biggest success with Dynamo came when they won the 1986 European Cup Winner's Cup.

He was awarded the Soviet Footballer of the Year award in 1988, as well as two Ukrainian Footballer of the Year awards in 1987 and 1988.

In 1990, he was signed by the Italian club Sampdoria, who won their first Serie A title that season.

The following season he moved to play with the Scottish Premier Division team Rangers. With Rangers Mikhailichenko managed to win another five champion's medals. All-in-all Mykhaylychenko won championship medals in 3 different leagues, and for 7 consecutive seasons – USSR in 1990, Italy in 1991 and Scotland from 1992 to 1996." (Wiki)

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Oleksandr Zinchenko: How setbacks and sacrifice propelled Manchester City's left-back from a small town in Ukraine to the top of the Premier League

Posted 8/15/2019

"Oleksandr Zinchenko’s journey from the humble beginnings of his local football academy to the summit of English football has been far from straightforward.

From day one, things have never really transpired as the Ukrainian might have expected.

The boys at his local football academy didn’t pass to him, for a start, and his first steps in the senior game were delayed by 18 months after a contract dispute between two clubs.

He didn’t play as often as he would have liked during a loan spell at PSV Eindhoven, either, and you would guess he might not have expected to play left-back in Pep Guardiola’s all-conquering Manchester City team." (ManCity.com)

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13-year-old Ukrainian Oleksiy Sereda became the youngest European champion in the history of diving

Posted 8/11/2019

"Ukraine's 13-year-old diving sensation Oleksii Sereda has become the sport's youngest-ever European champion after winning 10m platform gold in Kiev.

Sereda is three months younger than Tom Daley was when the Briton won his maiden European title in 2008, at the age of 13 years and 10 months old." (BBC

Youtube Video

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David Duchovny: "I found out I was Ukrainian all along"

Posted 8/7/2019


"I grew up thinking I was Russian only to find recently that I've been Ukrainian all along. Never too late to change" ([email protected])

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Today’s Doodle celebrates the renowned Ukrainian writer, historian, and translator Pateleimon Kulish

Posted 8/7/2019

"Through his literary works, including the epic poem Ukraïna, and historical novels like Chorna Rada (The Black Council), Kulish helped establish a cultural identity for his homeland, the second largest country on the European continent after Russia. Kulish was also the first person to translate the Bible into the Ukrainian language." (Google)

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'Mammoth Bone Hut' is the oldest house structure in the world - it is 15,000 years old and was found in 1965 near Kyiv, Ukraine

Posted 8/6/2019

"They are composed of several hundred bones and tusks arranged in a rough circle, between 6 and 10 m (20 and 33 ft) in diameter. A hearth typically lies near the centre of the former dwelling, and stone tools and other debris are scattered within and outside the structure. Large pits filled with stone tools, bone fragements and ash have beenf ound near the houses.

Considerable effort must have been required to assemble these structures. Even in a dry state, large mammoth bones weigh hundreds of pounds." (HistoryOfInformation)

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Food Art by Daryna Kossar

Posted 8/1/2019

"Daryna Kossar is a visual artist and a food photographer who creates amazing illustrations using fruits, flower petals, veggies and other materials. Her creations include animals and human portraits, landscapes and buildings made with raspberries, chocolate sauce, blueberries, whipped cream. Sounds delicious! 

Her Instagram account is full of colorful and imaginative work that will invite you to sit comfortably and spend some time browsing through her work. Enjoy :)" (MyOwlBarn)

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Sergey Bubka's pole vault outdoor best of 6.14m celebrates its 25th anniversary

Posted 7/31/2019

"Sergey Bubka’s world and European outdoor best of 6.14m is one of the most enduring marks in the record books and looks poised to celebrate its silver anniversary on 31 July.

Back at the height of summer in 1994, the legendary Ukrainian sped down the Mondo track in the Italian mountain of Sestriere and with a perfect pole placement flew into the evening sky, which was still light at that point in the meeting, and arched cleanly over the bar." (European Athletics)

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Ukraine celebrates anniversary of Kyiv Rus Christianization

Posted 7/28/2019

"Kyivan Rus, baptized by the prince Volodymyr the Great, Yaroslav the Wise and his daughter, the queen of France, Anna of Kyiv - all this is the history of Ukraine. Yet Russia keeps rewriting, changing and interpreting Ukrainian history - to its own taste and order." (Encyclopedia of Ukraine)

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
― George Orwell, 1984

"Where is the truth, and where is the lie? And why does the Kremlin want to appropriate Kievan Rus? Does Russia Rewrite History, Appropriate Kievan Rus to Legitimize Territorial Claims? Or wages wars, even current one to appropriate Kyiv Rus history?"—UATV English


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Kyiv (Key-Eve)

Capital of Ukraine, one of the ancient and most beatilul cities in Europe. Take a craneflight over this amazing city!
If you land in Kiev, there are places you will want to visit:

Lviv (Leo-Viv)

City of Leo or Lion. Situated on the border between Ukraine and Poland, it represents the synergy of two cultures. 

Odessa (Oh-Dessa)

Colorful port city on the Black Sea famous all over the world.