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Overlooked gems in Ukraine’s capital city – The Seattle Times

"KIEV, Ukraine — Through years of political upheaval and economic turmoil, Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, has remained a vibrant, engaging place...

Kiev is the greenest capital city of Europe

"Using a method that processes satellite imagery and detects pixel types, Gärtner has generated the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)...

Who really owns borsch – BBC

"The problem with this statement is that Ancient Rus was centred in Kyiv (Kiev in Russian), now the capital of...

A mysterious Trypillya culture in Ukraine was older than the Egyptian one. It constructed...

There was a mysterious culture in Eastern Europe between 5,500 to 2,700 BC which constructed sophisticated, organized, densely-populated settlements - only...

Marble sarcophagus of King of Rus Yaroslav the Wise and his wife Queen Ingegerd...

Weighing 6 tons, it is located at St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine

Lviv: The Hidden Coffee Capital – FINANCIAL TIMES


Ukraine – the Motherland of Commercial Beekeeping

Spring is in the air. Bees are in the air too - in a month the beekepers will have the first...

Go west to Lviv, visitor to Ukraine, – The Washington Post

This quaint city (pronounced Liv-eev in Ukrainian) looks like an old-school European destination, complete with cobblestone streets, classical music festivals...

25 things you didn’t know about Ukraine, the heart of Europe – Telegraph


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