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Sightseeing Ukraine

Why you should skip Paris and visit Kiev, – Forbes

..if you want to visit a city with great architecture, magnificent churches, bustling markets and charming cobblestone streets...

A detailed 3D tour of St. Sophia Cathedral which was built in the 11th...

https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=XxDnKGZfXJG Outstanding Universal Value " Designed to rival Hagia Sophia in Constantinople,...

Who really owns borsch – BBC

"The problem with this statement is that Ancient Rus was centred in Kyiv (Kiev in Russian), now the...

Steve Wozniak visits Kyiv. Says one of his 4 life long dreams coming true

"I always knew my last name was Ukrainian", - said the Apple co-founder on arriving to Ukraine's capital together...

Ukraine, the homeland of Scythians [Video]


Re-Imagining Galicia | Metropole

A center of eastern European culture, it was established as a crown land by the Habsburgs in 1772,...

Kiev is the greenest capital city of Europe

"Using a method that processes satellite imagery and detects pixel types, Gärtner has generated the Normalized Difference Vegetation...

Toughest Open-Air Gym in Europe

It is situated right in the center of Kyiv, on the island amidst Dnieper river which divides Kyiv on two almost equal...

Kiev’s Museum of Microminiatures: The Biggest Collection of Tiny Things, – The Daily Beast

"Hidden inside a Kiev religious complex lies the mind-blowing Museum of Microminiatures, which holds ships carved out of gold,...

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