John Steinbeck depicts Ukrainians and their difference from Russians

Different looks, heartiness “Everyone had told us it would be different once we got outside of Moscow, that the sternness and the...

Ukrainian Borscht inscribed on the UNESCO List on Intangible Cultural Heritage

"Ukrainian borscht - national version of borscht consumed in several countries of the region - is an integral part of Ukrainian...

What Ukrainian Literature Has Always Understood About Russia, – The Atlantic

Ukrainian national identity is not an accident, nor was it invented by the West. But for centuries, Ukrainians have struggled to...

Cossacks Spirit & Hopak Dance

"..when Kozaks returned victorious after battle. Kobzars and other musicians would gather their instruments - violins, bagpipes, cimbaloms and fifes - while other participants...

Ukrainian Cossacks’ Songs Added to UNESCO List

It is UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding List.

Cossack Mamai & Kobza-Bandura Music

"The mythological figure of Cossack Mamai.. is a reflection of the most typical traits and mentality of the Ukrainian Cossack – a...

Ukrainian Bandura: Soul of the Nation

National music instrument may tell a lot about the nation itself. About its soul expressed in melody of its songs for...

Ukraine, the homeland of Scythians [Video]

0 The "Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv Rus" book has very important additional information on the topic.

Ukraine is Not Russia. Crane vs Bear

In the famous movie The Transporter with David Statham it is put in basicly two phrases with deep meanings: "we are different people in...

Ukraine Vyshyvanka/ Embroidery Shirt Day

The very existence of this kind of dress means that the nation is capable to appreciate and reflect the beauty of...

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